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Window Cleaning in BRISBANE

See Clearly with Professional Window Cleaning in Brisbane

Residential window cleaning in Brisbane is one of the most underrated ways to make your house look its best. Sparkling clean windows give your home excellent kerb appeal and make it look inviting as your guests arrive. Clean windows also let plenty of natural light through and generally help create a more agreeable space where you can live, work, and relax. For the best-looking windows, professional residential window cleaning is the way to go. When you trust the pros with your window washing duties, you’ll keep yourself safer, protect your windows by ensuring that they are cleaned the right way, and free up plenty of time for yourself. Nick the Window Cleaner, offers residential glass cleaning services throughout the Brisbane area.

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Are you looking for window cleaning in Brisbane Southside or elsewhere in the Brisbane area? Nick the Window Cleaner can help. Here are some of the things you can expect when you choose us.

  • Residential and commercial window cleaning. We offer a range of professional window cleaning services, including fly screen and track cleaning, when packaged with windows. We provide both residential and commercial window cleaning services in the Brisbane area. 

  • Personal service. Because we are a small company, you’ll deal with the same person – the owner of the company – from getting your quote to completing the work to paying your invoice. That way, you’ll know that your job is getting the attention it deserves. 

  • Quality work. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work at every job, no matter how large or small. We provide thorough cleans and ensure that you are delighted with the way your home or building looks afterward.

What You Can Expect from

Nick the Window Cleaner

Regarding Window Cleaning

Services in Brisbane

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Tips Regarding Glass

Cleaning in Brisbane

Even when you schedule regular professional window cleaning in Brisbane West or Northside, there are still some things that you can do to keep your glass looking its best between appointments. Here are some tips to help you keep your windows cleaner longer.

  • Have your windows cleaned on the right days. All the days of the year are not created equal when it comes to window cleaning. In general, relatively warm days when there is little chance of rain are the best choice. You should also avoid cleaning windows on days when the water might freeze to the glass. Cleaning when the sun is at its highest point in the sky will speed the drying process.

  • Use vinegar to remove stains. If you notice a stain on your window and don’t want to wait for your next professional cleaning, you can use vinegar to break apart the stain and remove it from view. Mix one part vinegar to one part hot water, soak a rag in this solution, and clean the window with the vinegar-soaked cloth. Work from the top down to avoid streaks and do this only if the stain is in an area you can reach safely.

  • Use cloth, not paper. You may have heard people swear by paper towels or even newspaper to get a streak-free shine on their windows. This approach is not ideal. Not only will these materials leave fibres on your glass, but they can also be abrasive. When you’re spot-cleaning between professional cleanings, it’s best to use a soft cloth, towel, or sponge.


Many Brisbane area businesses use professional window cleaning in Brisbane Northside or Southside because of the advantages this service can offer. Here are some of the specific benefits you’ll enjoy when you hire us.

  • Make a better impression on your customers or clients. Over time, all windows will become dirty, gradually building up a layer of water deposits, fingerprints, smudges, and general grime. Dirty windows can be an unsightly distraction to the overall look of your building. Sparkling clean windows, on the other hand, send the message that you pay attention to detail. They also help showcase your products in the best possible light.

  • Extend the life of your windows. Debris, dirt, water, and more can cause damage to your windows over time. These substances etch into the glass, leading to scratches. This damage can even cause the view from your windows to become distorted. Regular professional cleanings remove these corrosive materials from your glass, reducing the occurrence of scratches and cracks and keeping your windows in good shape longer.

  • Get your windows clean more safely and effectively. Professional window cleaners possess the right tools and equipment, training, and experience for the job. They know how to use window cleaning tools properly to get the best results. They know which cleaning solutions to use to protect your windows. Most importantly, they know how to clean difficult-to-reach windows safely and securely, keeping you out of harm’s way. 

Benefits of Professional

Window Washing in Brisbane

About Nick the Window cleaner

When you need a professional and reliable residential or commercial window cleaner, we’re here to help. Previously serving Cairns with many satisfied customers, we are now happy to be providing excellent service to the Brisbane area. You’ll see the difference it makes to work with a small company and someone who enjoys and takes pride in their work. Contact us today for a free quote.


If the windows at your place of business are starting to appear dirty or streaked, then you need professional window cleaning in Brisbane. Especially if your building has two or more floors, this risky and labour-intensive job is one that’s best left to the pros. When you need Brisbane window cleaners you can trust, Nick the Window Cleaner is at your service.

Get in contact with us to arrange a free quote at your place or if not possible over the phone. We will assure you the best service you can get.

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